Welcome to the official Pākōwhai School website


As a school we:

  • We hold numeracy and literacy as two of the pillars of academic success. We do not see these as the “only” important things in a child's education however we ensure at Pākōwhai School that children are literate and numerate. 

  • We provide a broad and interesting curriculum that caters for the diverse interests of kiwi kids. 

  • Offer an inquiry based curriculum where children are free to explore and create as part of their learning.

  • Foster the skills needed for children to be independent and confident learners that believe in themselves and their abilities. 

  • Pākōwhai learners have agency in their learning. This means they are actively involved in what they learn and why they learn it. 

  • We are actively involved in out of school events. We get our children out in the community competing against other schools in a range of activities. 

  • Enrich our students learning through the authentic use of e-learning. At Pākōwhai School we have access to 1:1 devices but chose an approach where children aren’t always 1:1 with a device. We hold the concepts social skills and the ability to work with others in high esteem. 

  • Te Reo & Tikanga are taught daily and we value and meet our responsibilities in relation to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.