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How to Enrol your child at Pākōwhai School

Please full out the form:- 


Or you can contact the school office to organise enrolment.  We are a zoned school and those students within our school zone are guaranteed enrolment.  

Out of zone enrolments are accepted depending on available places.  We generally don't have a waiting list. Please contact the school office to find out more.  Our school zoning information can be found here https://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/find-school/school/profile?school=2638 

Students starting school for the first time (5 year olds):

Lauren in the office will help you complete the enrolment forms and guide you through the process.  Please allow about half an hour for the enrolment process. You will need to bring:

  • Birth certificate or proof of date of birth.
  • An immunisation record from birth to 5, available from the practise nurse at your doctor's medical centre. This record is a health department requirement.

Students enrolling from another school:

Please bring details of the last school attended (if applicable) We will contact your child's previous school to arrange for records to be forwarded to Pākōwhai.

School Visits

Our junior teachers will contact any newly enrolled families to organise school visits that suit them.