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Our Values

Respect ​​​​​​​Whakaute

  • Use manners and speak politely.

  • Always look at the speaker and listen to them.

  • Use sensible, kind words and play nicely.

  • Work together and support each other.

  • Accept differences.

Curiosity Morotoro

  • Be curious!

  • Be enthusiastic when you try new things

  • Find new information

  • Ask questions

  • Listen and respond to others

Confidence ​​​​​​​Maiatanga

  • Be a leader

  • Give everything a try including new challenges

  • Make others feel confident

  • Have self belief

  • Always look up to leaders and role models

  • Be determined

Resilience Tikikaha

  • Stand up for yourself and others.

  • Keep trying until you get it.

  • Stay positive when you make mistakes - mistakes help our brain grow.

  • Reflect and think.

  • Be a leader.